Whale sightings are nothing new in New England. Hell, there are plenty of boating companies based on the coasts of Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire that offer whale watching trips throughout the summer.

What is new though -- or, at least, seems new this season, anyway -- is the amount of random (and multiple) whale breaches that have been caught on camera this summer (especially since it hasn't really felt much like summer at all.)

In fact, just about a month ago, three whales were seen breaching at exactly the same time off the New England coast in a video that went insanely viral. And this past weekend, the whales were back at it putting on a special show for a few select boaters.

radowicz via Instagram
radowicz via Instagram

Provincetown, Massachusetts, Whale Sightings

Fun fact about the triple whale breach linked to above, that video was taken in Provincetown, Massachusetts -- the very same P-Town where over the weekend, two whales not only put on a surprise breaching show for a few boaters taking in the random September summer weather New England has been blessed with, but got a special surprise right after the breach.

Almost immediately after breaching, both whales dove back into the waters of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and kept moving toward the boat until they were directly underneath it, to the shock, celebration, and quite possibly slight worry of those on board.

They're underneath us! Look at the sonar!


Probably a little bit freaky at the time it happened, but since nothing went terribly wrong and everyone remained safe and sound, definitely a cool experience shared amongst the friends and family on that boat with a memory that no doubt will last a lifetime.

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