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There are four words in the English language that if combined correctly, will create one of the most wonderful phrases that has ever been uttered by modern man:

Golf Season Is Here

You're darn right it is. And while Maine's public and private courses are rushing to get starved golfers outside, another industry in the same market has already pressed the gas on 2022.

The Maine miniature golf season is underway. Courses around the state have been opening for the season, giving locals a chance to hit the mini-links even before the tourists show up.

I have always had a soft spot for mini-golf. It's an extremely fun activity, and also reminds me of many fun rounds playing with family and friends. I remember playing many rounds, especially at Westerly Winds (RIP) in Westbrook, Pirate's Cove in Old Orchard Beach, and Steamboat Landing in Naples.

Sadly, I haven't played as much lately. However, I'm hoping to change that this summer. My goal is to play at least three or four new courses. It seems like proper motivation to get me back out on the greens. While searching for new courses, I ended up just doing an entire query of the state. Maybe my goal is to play all of these.

Below is a list of all the active mini-golf courses I could find in Maine. Many of these courses are well-known and have been around for a while. However, there's some newer locations, too, including one that is amazingly dinosaur-themed. It's also neat to see some mini-golf courses attached to traditional golf courses. Always a fun contrast when the two are together.

Enjoy the list. I hope you can play many of these. And if I missed any, please let me know.

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