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It's that time of year to think about summer vacation, and one spot in New England is known as "Vacationland".  That would be the state of Maine.

Maine boasts a rugged coastline, beautiful rivers, lakes, and peacefulness.

That peacefulness brought many Bostonians joy in summer as they escaped from the heat of city life.  One of the favorite spots was the coastal town of Wiscasset, Maine.

Imagine life at the turn of the century, the 19th century, that is. In 1807, a successful esquire in Maine, Silas Lee, and his wife Tempe, built a beautiful and large home on the Sheepscot River.  The view was spectacular, and the home featured two large elm trees in front of the main entrance.  It was perfect for a wealthy couple who loved entertaining, according to historicnewengland.org.


However, following a downturn in the economy and the death of Lee, rooms were rented out in this massive home to keep from going bankrupt.   Finally, in 1858, Captain Richard Tucker purchased the home with his wife Mollie.  They raised five children there, changed the entrance to reflect more of an Italian design, and created the magnificent three-story piazza overlooking the river.

If real estate is all about location, the Castle Tucker is a prime location. The sweeping views of the Sheepscot River are spectacular.

Imaging raising a family here in this magnificent estate.

One of the Tucker daughters had another wealthy friend on High Street, who on a trip to Italy and fell in love with Count Branca, according the Castle Tucker Facebook page.

Follow the story of the Tuckers, their daughters, and the generations who lived in this incredible castle in tiny Wiscasset, Maine, in its heyday.  Many of the furnishings are original.

Tours run from June through October, and you can find out more at historicnewengland.org, or just have a look at now at these beautiful photos of Castle Tucker.

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