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If you’re in the mood for some day-tripping that ventures off the beaten path (as in, way, way off the beaten path), have I got the place for you.

Located in southeastern Massachusetts is an area known for a number of strange phenomena ranging from haunted swamps to cult landmarks and even UFO activity. In fact, so many strange tales emanate from this 200-square mile stretch that Maine-based cryptozoologist Loren Coleman dubbed it “The Bridgewater Triangle”

Writing in the Boston Globe in 2013, Coleman says the swamp within the Triangle is the place you want to be if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. There, he claims you may encounter giant snakes non-indigenous to New England. Coleman mentions one incident in 1970 when a car ran over an eight-foot boa constrictor.

Also noted is an incident in the late 1930s when a large, black snake emerged briefly from the swamp – allegedly resurfacing every seven years, kind of like the McRib (which, ironically, has its own Massachusetts origins).

But the headliners of the Bridgewater Triangle have to be the "Pukwudgees," which Coleman defines as being little wild men of the forest. They’re said to be tiny with gray skin, large ears, and giant fingers. But maybe they’re just aliens.

It’s a good thing Massachusetts was just ranked well-prepared for an alien invasion, because Triangle fanatics say the area has also been home to UFO activity. Podcaster and author Jeff Belanger told WBZ-TV that glowing balls of light and even unexplained aircraft have been spotted in this strange corner of New England.

So, head down to Abington, Rehoboth, Freetown, Taunton, Raynham, Berkley, Dighton, Brockton, Easton, and Bridgewater, and explore if you dare. Or, if you’re looking for something further north, check out Vermont’s mythical, wooded Bennington Triangle.

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