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We've seen it time and time again, especially when the pandemic first started and restaurants took a massive hit -- customers showing extra love when tipping their servers and leaving more money than normal. And although there's still the occasional party that will still stiff servers on tips, for the most part, the generosity still seems to be there.

And while generous tips have been left for servers doing their best while short-staffed, showing exceptional service, or even just still standing after what was a couple of hectic years in the food industry, sometimes it goes deeper than that.

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Google Maps

A family honored their mother at Inn on the Blues in York

Something amazing happened yesterday at Inn on the Blues in York Beach, Maine yesterday. While dining at what's considered to be "York Beach's Top Gathering Spot," a family went to lunch at Inn on the Blues in honor of their mother's 84th birthday, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 83.

After finishing their lunch right in the heart of York Beach, the family left their table and exited the restaurant, but they also left something behind for their server, Madisyn McCormack -- a greeting card. And inside was both a heartfelt message and a heartfelt gift.

"Today we are celebrating our mother. She would have been 84 today. It is the first one since she passed away. She loved going to lunch, shopping, socializing and helping others. Please enjoy this and use it for whatever helps you or makes you feel joy!"


Madisyn McCormack
Madisyn McCormack

The heartfelt tribute to their mother which resulted in a generous surprise did not go unappreciated by Madisyn, who posted a picture of the card with the following caption:

"The service industry can be real tough sometimes (most of the time) but things like this make it absolutely worth it. I'm happy I could be part of their celebration with them."

Sometimes a lunch isn't just a lunch. Sometimes a tip isn't just a tip. And sometimes a server isn't just serving food and drinks to customers -- they can be serving a heartfelt tribute to a lost loved one without even knowing it. A great reminder that you never know what someone is going through on either side of this, or any, situation.

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