He could be right...

This exceptionally good-looking kid is nicknamed Ocho. That's 8 in Spanish. Got Dad yet? Why, Dad would be none other than Mr. Lee Goldberg from News Center Maine.


Lee Goldberg (in case you need reminding) has 8 children. One of whom was born on the sidewalk just outside Maine Med.

Sidewalk Baby (Finn is his actual name) is NOT the star singer in the house. That distinction belongs to baby Ocho (Theo is his actual name).

Okay, maybe Lee is right. That very well could be the greatest version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star that has ever been sung before in the history of singing. He's got it all! Looks, charisma, and those big giant eyeballs that look right through you. Kinda like Lee himself.

Lee and his lovely wife Karen (superhero Karen), are incredible humans to accomplish what they do on a day-to-day basis That's probably why they needed a little help in the announcement of their 8th baby. None other than fellow Deering High School graduate, Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley, made the announcement.

Little Theo completed the obsession Lee has with the number 8. And as Bob points out in his announcement, Lee Goldberg will probably be working at News Center Maine long after all the new kids on the block have retired. 8 kids?! Oh yes, he's going to be working for a very long time.

Unless of course this little Theo gets picked up by a record company and gets a break. Lee - if that happens, I promise to play his music on the radio, just to help pay the bills.

Love you, Lee Goldberg.

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