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Generally, “FBI” stands for “Federal Bureau of Investigation.” But to one man who was just trying to sleep at a Boston hotel, it’s likely that the “I” now stands for “idiots” or “imbeciles.”


According to a report from Boston.com, it all began around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, when the FBI and Department of Defense sent personnel to a room in downtown Boston. After bursting in, the agents shoved the male guest into the shower, handcuffed him, and interrogated him for an hour.


The guest was understandably confused, and probably didn’t have much to give up in his interrogation – as the FBI & DOD got the wrong room. So, to sum up: wrong guy, shoved into the shower, cuffed and questioned for an hour.


This wasn’t just any guest trying to catch some sleep at the Revere Hotel Boston Common. He really needed it, as he was a pilot for Delta Air Lines, likely hoping to catch some shuteye ahead of his upcoming trip. Surely, this is as bad as it gets. But in the spirit of airplanes, “Don’t call me Shirley,” and keep reading.


The whole thing was part of a – wait for it – FBI and DOD training exercise. The agencies had an actor in one of the rooms ready to play the role of a criminal – but somehow let the trainees (who probably also had no idea what was happening) burst in on a pilot who likely won’t need coffee for the rest of his career. Luckily, things were worked out without anyone being injured, and the pilot declined treatment on the scene.

I know this isn’t how it works, but I hereby declare film rights to this story. I want Will Ferrell as the pilot. Give me John Cena and Kenan Thompson as the FBI and DOD lifers trying to show the kids how it's done, and Jennifer Aniston as the hotel manager trying to cover it all up.

The Exercise, coming soon to a drive-in movie theater near you.

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