An animal pen for a Career Technical Center program is one of the last items to be built at the "new" Dover High School.

Even though students walked through the doors of the building for the first time on Aug. 29, 2018, there was still a lot of work to be done at the site.

The old high school had to be demolished. Athletic fields and parking lots were put in its place.

There were challenges opening the new building, including roof leaks which required repair in December of 2019.

Now, the Dover High School Joint Building Committee is ready to move ahead with a bid for the animal pen. The estimated cost is $100,000, according to city officials.

Students in the animal sciences program at Dover High School engage with a wide variety of farm animals, horses and domestic pets, according to their website.

The classroom pets and on-site barn animals help students learn about animal handling, restraint, feeding and maintaining optimal health, the website says.

Other CTC programs will also get the finishing touches they need in their classrooms. For example, a welding sink and fume hood are needed, according to city officials.

Since the total appropriation for the high school project was $87,622,756 and expenditures have totaled $87,332,980, members of the joint building committee are hopeful the $289,776 they have will cover the costs of the animal pen, welding sink and fume hood.

New fencing and dugouts are also needed for the baseball and softball fields, according to city officials.

For more information about the Joint Building Committee, click here.

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