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Dorrs Pond at Livingston Park in Manchester, New Hampshire is now officially open for 2022 for all those figure eights and hockey stops.

This is so exciting because one of the pleasures of winter in New Hampshire is ice skating on our naturally frozen ponds.

New Hampshire winters are cold enough each year that ice skating as early as December has been a thing. This year we had to wait a bit because of our mild start to winter, but now we can finally skate.

Temperatures were cold enough for three weeks straight in Manchester to give us thick enough ice so the town could open Dorrs Pond for skating.

According to the Town of Manchester website, Dorrs Pond in Livingston Park is maintained so ice skaters of all levels can take advantage of just one more aspect of the park. There's even a warming hut with restrooms and a wood stove.

The hours can change, so bookmark this link for weekly updates as a Town of Manchester rep told me.  You can also call 603-624-6444 to talk to an actual human if you have any ice skating questions during regular biz hours.

Dorrs Pond is usually open the majority of the day until sunset during the weekends and 2 p.m. on the weekdays.

Is your favorite ice skating pond open yet? Are you excited to get out there and skate the day away?

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