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"VROOM VROOM", or more like "beep beep". This is a bar hop I can get behind...or on my moped for. That's more like it.

The first-ever Wally's SCOOTER RUN is happening on June 17, 2023.

What the heck is that, and how do you participate? Great question. Hopefully, I will answer all of that and more.

Wally's, the famous biker bar in Hampton New Hampshire, is hosting a moped bar crawl (mixing alcohol and scooters...what could go wrong?).

I'm completely kidding. As long as people drink and scooter responsibly, this is a really cool idea, and something I think the Seacoast has been missing.

The event, or scooter meet-up spot, will start at MoJo's West End Tavern in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at 12:30 pm. From there, after your first pop, the scooter crew will depart and head to Kook's Cafe and Beach Bar in Rye, New Hampshire. THEN, the scooter crew will head over to Wally's in Hampton, New Hampshire at 2 pm for more drinks and the final stop.

Don't have a scooter? NO PROBLEM. Hampton Beach Scooters will have some ready-to-rent at Mojo's (the first stop).

The Seacoast is a moped area. The scootering community is huge, so this event is perfect. And if you have ever considered buying one, or at least wanting to rent one to try, this is your opportunity.

Forget about the Uber, and who wants to walk from bar to bar? Hop on your moped and participate in the first-ever scooter run!

Don't forget to scoot responsibly, be safe, and have fun.

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