It is being reported that First Lady Jill Biden will be visiting Portsmouth, NH and Maine on Saturday so the natural question is, what will she be doing?

Political Reporter John DiStaso, who won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 from the New Hampshire Press Association, is reporting that details have yet to be announced, but his Democratic sources said a Portsmouth stop is likely.

When Biden was on the Seacoast in October, she was campaigning for her husband, Joe, who is now President.

In Durham, she met with oyster farmer Laura Brown at the Scammell Bridge.

Brown lost her wholesale business when COVID-19 hit, so she was selling oysters at the bridge's parking lot.

It was a success for her business, Fox Point Oysters.

Biden asked members of the press who were in attendance if they wanted an oyster after shouting out, "Did you guys bring some beer?"

Dan Tuohy, a senior producer of digital news platforms at New Hampshire Public Radio, live Tweeted the event.

On Tuesday, Portsmouth Mayor Rick Becksted said he has not yet been informed of an official visit.

"The city would be contacted and that would be relayed to whoever is involved," Becksted said.

There are protocols for security and payment when it comes to visits of this nature.

As of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Fire Chief Todd Germain had not returned a request for information.

Who will be with the First Lady?

CNN is reporting that President Joe Biden will be in Traverse City, Mich., to mark the progress in the fight against COVID-19, but that doesn't mean his wife will be in Portsmouth alone.

CNN is also reporting that Jill Biden will be in Maine and New Hampshire, while Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Nevada on Saturday.

If Biden is craving some more oysters, there are plenty of places to buy them. One restaurant, The Franklin on Fleet Street in Portsmouth, specializes in oysters.

According to their menu, they currently have 11 varieties of raw oysters. They also have three types of grilled oysters.

The Franklin also has 12 beers on their menu for drinks. will continue to follow this story.

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