Wait, what?  Flying Cars?

Back in 2020, I wrote about a specific bill that was signed in New Hampshire that made flying cars legal. There are a few companies working on such a vehicle in our area, so it made sense to make them legal.

The trick is you must have a landing strip.

I guess my new flying car can’t take me to Market Basket, or to work, or to my apartment unless they have a landing strip.

Jetson One Vehicle

Although there are a few flying car companies working on such a vehicle, a startup from Sweden has put the first one on the market, according to the dailymail.co.uk.  Don’t expect to be bothered by flying cars anytime soon, with a price tag of $92,000 I don’t think we will be seeing any soon.

The other hitch in this project is that it is an all-electric vehicle that can only hold a charge for about 15 miles, the news site reported.  The company, named Jetson in homage to the old cartoon with flying cars, says it is currently sold out of the first run of vehicles and they only have three left for 2023, Daily Mail noted.

The Slightly Scary Part

The part about these flying vehicles from Jetson is that it arrives at your doorstop 50% complete, according to dailymail.co.uk.  That means if you struggle assembling furniture from IKEA, this might not be the best option for you.

Personally, I am going to wait till the technology is advanced enough that I can buy one at a local dealership and since New Hampshire is the first state to make flying cars legal, I am pretty sure those dealerships will pop up here first.  Happy Flying!





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