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Ice Cream Floats are iconic

It's crazy to think that ice cream floats have been around for almost 150 years, with the first-ever one being created by Robert McCay Green in Pennsylvania back in 1874. According to GooRoo, Robert ran out of ice for his drink on a hot summer day, so used vanilla ice cream from a neighbor to cool his drink, accidentally inventing the ice cream float. From that point on, ice cream floats have been enjoyed by generations on generations of families.

Jarritos Mexican Soda
Jarritos Mexican Soda

There are over 150 active Maine breweries

According to the Maine Brewers Guild, as of early 2022, 165 different breweries were listed as active in Maine, representing over 100 unique brands. And quite honestly, there's a chance that the best IPAs, Stouts, Sours, Belgians, Pale Ales -- you name it, it's arguable that the best craft beers are Maine-made.

It just so happens that tomorrow night, one Maine brewery is once again combining our delicious Maine craft beer with our delicious Maine ice cream for their second-ever Beer Float Flight Night.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Definitive Brewing's Beer Float Flight Night happens tomorrow night in Kittery

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, April 27), Definitive Brewing will be holding their second-ever Beer Float Flight Night after the success of their very first one in their Portland location. Tomorrow night's will be held at their Kittery location on Route 1 inside of the Kittery Outlets.

The best parts? It's happening right after work from 5p-7p, so once you wrap up at the office, you can shoot right on over to Definitive to either try an entire three-beer float flight, or pick one favorite and enjoy 13 ounces of that flavor. Plus, there will be vegan options, too, considering the popularity of their lactose-free sours and stouts.

See you at Definitive Brewing in Kittery tomorrow for Beer Float Flight Happy Hour?

Definitive Brewing made this list of 53 must-try breweries in Maine

The 10 Oldest Active Maine Breweries

Maine has over 100 craft breweries. While the industry soars, it's important to remember the industry's legacy. Here is a list of the 10 oldest remaining active breweries in Maine. Some are giant names. Others may be entirely new to you.

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