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Nostalgia Night

A few years ago Story Land, the fairy tale and nursery-rhyme-themed amusement park decided to throw an adults-only nostalgia night and it nearly broke the internet. Generations of adults wanted to revisit the theme park of their youth with a beer in hand. Spending the evening being carefree and silly while sitting on Miss Moffet’s Tuffet, visiting the Old Woman that Lived in a Shoe, and sitting next to Humpty Dumpty.


It was such a success that Story Land has expanded the event and for 2022 will be throwing 4 nostalgia nights. While Story Land is aimed toward the younger crowd adults across northern New England kept asking the question, “When will Funtown offer a nostalgia night?” Well, we finally got an answer and we’re finally getting one this summer!

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Funtown All Grown Up Night

After seeing the success from Story Land’s Nostalgia Night Funtown decided to hop on board with their very own.

Just revealed on their Facebook today they are calling it Funtown All Grown Up and is for those ages 21 and older. It's all going down Saturday, July 16th from 7:30pm until 11pm.

Tickets will be $25 for online preorder and $30 for the day of the event, but something tells me it will sell out quickly!

More details on the event and when tickets will be available are coming soon so be sure to keep checking back on their Facebook page here!

Grab your besties and reminisce about the annual physics trip or class trip to the park. Lock yourself into a seat on the Astrosphere, and now that you’re grown we dare you to keep your eyes open for the spooky images on the ceiling. Or simply enjoy the time without kids running around!

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A trip to this magical Maine amusement park is a right of passage for Maine kids. Now Funtown is welcoming new generations and while some things have changed, many things have stayed the same and we love Funtown Splashtown USA for it!

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