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Already thinking about the summer days that lay ahead? Well, Funtown Splashtown USA in Saco, Maine, is a great way to spend those warm summer days. With attractions, a water park (Splashtown), food, and entertainment, Funtown Splashtown is fun for all ages.

Luckily, we don't have to wait until the summertime to find out when we can start planning our trip to Funtown Splashtown. On its website, Funtown Splashtown announced its opening date for 2023.

Unfortunately, if you are planning on visiting both Funtown (with all the attractions) and Splashtown (the water park) on the same day, then you will have to wait a little bit longer.

Funtown will be opening up first. The opening date for Funtown in 2023 is Saturday, May 27th. Funtown will be open from 11 am-5 pm.

These hours will change and vary throughout the summer. The first day that Splashtown will be open (along with Funtown) is on Saturday, June 17th.

You can check out more information on Funtown Splashtown's hours here.

Tickets and Pricing

If you are planning on going to Funtown Splashtown multiple times, then you may be interested in their season pass. Season passes get you into both Funtown and Splashtown and start at $97 for seniors and go up to $160 for adults (children 38" tall to under 48" tall can get a season pass for $150).

To put the season pass into perspective, a single-day ticket to Funtown is $47 and Splashtown is $44. If you wanted to get a combo day ticket that gets you into both parks, that will cost you $55.

Therefore, if you plan on visiting Funtown Splashtown more than 3 times this year, the season pass is worth the money!

What's New for 2023?

If you are planning a trip to Funtown Slashtown, there is some exciting news. This year, you will see a new attraction at Funtown.

If you were upset to see the haunted house attraction go, get ready because Funtown Splashtown announced that they are bringing a new haunted attraction called "Haunted Hotel Dark Ride" to the park this year.

Whether you are looking to cool down from the summer sun, or just looking for a fun day, Funtown Splashtown has you covered.

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