If you have watched any of the New England Patriots home games this season, you probably have seen some changes to the stadium.

The most obvious change outside of the stadium is the new lighthouse, which is the tallest lighthouse in America. If you have not seen it, check it out here.

But the outside of the stadium is not the only thing that is getting enhanced or upgraded.

Gillette Stadium is now home to the largest outdoor stadium video board in the country, according to an ESPN article.

"Just how big is it?!"

Thanks for asking.

It turns out that $250 million is a lot of money to renovate, so when I say this thing is big, I mean HUGE.

The board itself is nearly half an acre. I'm not sure how much land you have, but I have about a quarter of an acre, so that video board is TWICE the size of the property I own in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

"We wanted something big," said Jim Nolan, chief operating officer of Kraft Sports + Entertainment to ESPN. "Once you start designing it, the curved radius, and you start doing the math, we were right there to be the largest outdoor video board in North America, so we said, 'let's make sure it is.'"

But the screen is far more than just bragging rights and a massive display. It is also being used in creative and engaging ways.

"It gives us an ability to have an interactive and immersive experience for our fans, something we haven't seen," added Jen Ferron, chief marketing officer of Kraft Sports + Entertainment to ESPN. "We have this large blank canvas now to provide more content for our fans."

And that is exactly what the plan is. Check out this brand-new feature available on the new screen.

Basically, the screen at Gillette displays a QR code that you can scan on your phone before or during games, concerts, etc.

Then, using that QR code, you can upload your own photos to be featured on the screen. This is awesome for families and first-time folks at Gillette.

Nobody forgets the first time they were on the jumbotron!

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