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During the month of October (and the end of September) Canobie Lake Park in Salem, New Hampshire, changes its hours and gets ready to scare you. Screeemfest is a fun and spooky event that you can attend during the Fall at Canobie Lake Park.

Get ready for haunted houses, ghoul-filled dance parties, and of course, some of your favorite attractions. For the 2022 season, even though you can enjoy all those activities, Screeemfest has changed a couple of things.

Not all of the changes made for this year are bad, however, some may come as a shock.

Let's start with some good news first. The first thing to note is that there are two new haunted houses located at this year's Screeemfest: The Breech and Pinecrest Sanitarium. Therefore you will be able to enjoy two houses that you have never got to experience before.

If you do not like waiting in lines, then you may be in luck. This year, Canobie Lake Park is offering "Screeem Express Haunt Line Cut Pass," which will allow you to cut the line of ONLY the haunted houses. This will set you back a bit though, depending on the day that you go it can cost between $30-$40.

Speaking about lines, this next thing could be either good or bad news.

Canobie Lake Park's Screeemfest offers 5 haunted houses but only two lines. What do I mean by that? Well, instead of waiting in a line for one specific house, you will wait in one line for multiple houses.

This year you will only find two lines, one line by the Boston Tea Party that will get you into Pinecrest Sanitarium and Carnivus; the second line is located behind Untamed and will allow you into The Breech, The Culling, and Facility 235.

Now, why can fewer lines be a bad thing? Well, if you are wanting to only go to specific houses this year, then you will have to wait in a long line with everyone else and have to go through multiple houses whether you want to or not.

Lastly, Canobie Lake Park has been great when it comes to helping special needs individuals. The park offered wristbands for individuals that had a hard time waiting in lines or getting on and off attractions (this would allow them to skip the line and go through the exit). However, it seems that that is no longer the case.

During Screeemfest hours, Canobie Lake Park ONLY will give out wristbands for individuals that need assistance getting on and off rides. Therefore, they are not allowing wristbands to be used to get into the haunted houses or offering wristbands for those that have a hard time waiting in long lines.

Yes, there is the option to buy the express pass for the haunted houses, however, that does not help individuals that want to go on rides.

All in all, the haunted houses and Screeemfest this year are incredible as always.

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