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I know that it is a bit early to start thinking about snow, but to quote the show "Game of Thrones" "winter is coming." Yes, winter may be a few seasons away, but nonetheless, it will ultimately be here before we know it.

That means that it is almost time to make sure you have a brush in your car (to take off any snow), a shovel by the door, some salt for your steps, a warm coat, and your snow boots.

Every year since 1818, the Farmers’ Almanac provides an extended weather forecast that allows people to plan ahead. According to WGME Channel 13, the Farmer's Almanac for 2022 and 2023 is out, and based on their prediction you may want to pull out your winter coats early. That's right, it is predicted that winter is expected to start earlier than last year and that December could be stormy and cold nationwide.

The Farmer's Almanac says that January will pretty chilly in the Northeast.

I know, we are used to cold temperatures, so how chilly is chilly this year? Well, according to the Farmer's Almanac, get ready to "shake, shiver, and shovel." We may see temperatures 40° below zero during mid-January.

The Farmers’ Almanac suggests a stormy winter is on schedule, especially for the eastern half of the country. This most likely means snow, but for others, it could just be slush and mush.

Other than cold temperatures and more than likely snow, there is some good news to be shared.

The Farmer's Almanac also predicted that in late February we should see milder temperatures that will be more bearable.

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