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Around this time last year, everyone in New England was buzzing about the feasibility of a classic, long and inviting, accessible beach pier.  Just a few hurdles, and it looked like it might actually happen. Read this article from last year for more.

Last spring, a fund was approved for $150,000 by the state legislature for a feasibility study for a new accessible pier at Hampton Beach.  The study was approved and completed in late 2022, looking at the best locations.

According to Seacoastonline.com, there were three possible sited, but it was deemed the best site would be the Hampton Beach State park.

The next move was the $2 million earmarked for the project, which was approved by changing the bill to fund only the design. However, it was immediately tabled for consideration.

portsmouthnhcharley/Getty Images
portsmouthnhcharley/Getty Images

Tabling a bill means the legislature has until the last day of the session to pull it off the table.  The last day of the current legislative session is June 30, 2023.

The bill is not dead, but amended, and a number of things could happen next.

Although tabled, the amended bill could be included in the budget, but this would only be for the next step of funding the design.  The other option is to let it die without doing any more to elevate the bill.  So, at this point, a new pier in Hampton Beach could go either way.

With the beach season just getting underway, expect thousand to descend up this popular beach with or without a giant pier.  It does sound intriguing, though. Imagine the headline reading "New Hampton Beach Pier Rivals Classic Huntington Beach Wharf".

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