Five deaths have been reported at Genesis Heathcare's Oceanside Center in Hampton as part of a significant COVID-19 outbreak at the facility, according to state heath officials.

The nursing home, located alongside Route 1 in Hampton, has been associated with 70 positive infections as of Tuesday, including 43 residents, according to Genesis Healthcare Chief Medical Officer Dr. Richard Feifer.

Additionally, 27 staff members at Oceanside Center have also tested positive for COVID-19, per Feifer.

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"During this pandemic, we have been stringent with restrictions and a whole host of other precautions," Feifer said in an email to Seacoast Current. "As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) began providing protocols and guidelines for the coronavirus, we have diligently followed them and in many cases, have gotten out in front of public health guidelines, adopting even more stringent infection precautions than were recommended at the time. We also continue to follow the direction of the New Hampshire Department of Health in an effort to contain and minimize the spread of the virus."

Feifer said 29 residents had recovered from COVID-19 as of Tuesday, adding that Oceanside Center "is currently performing whole house testing three to four times a week."

Other precautions the facility has taken, according to Feifer, include screening residents and patients for symptoms, requiring all staff to wear PPE, and placing restrictions on outside visitations, among others.

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