The Hampton Police Department shared a post to Facebook this week expressing three ways to avoid scams regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a post that was also shared by the Town of Hampton's Facebook page, an image was shared that originated on the Federal Trade Commission's website that warned people of coronavirus scams, especially those concerning vaccines, of which there are two (Pfizer and Moderna) currently either in use or nearing federal approval.

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The post listed three things people can do to avoid COVID-19 vaccine scams while vaccine details continue to be worked out.

The first and second measures people can take, according to the image, is knowledge that one cannot pay to be moved up on a vaccine list. Any solicitation asking for money related to getting the vaccine or moving up in line is a scam, per the image.

The third measure said that no legitimate person would ask for a social security number, bank account information, or credit card number for any reason regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

The image said people should ignore solicitations of this nature and refrain from releasing personal information.

The Federal Trade Commission said more information on coronavirus scams could be found at

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