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Walter White. Vito Spatafore. Bo the Dog.

New Hampshire’s reputation for being a safe haven for fugitives lives on, following the discovery of the Massachusetts dog that had been missing for ten months.

After vanishing last May, Bo was believed to have been spotted once, with no other leads following, according to a Facebook post by Missing Dogs Massachusetts. After that came a series of scam callers to Bo’s owners (which begs the question – where did things go so wrong that you now have to make scam dognapping calls?).

Finally, someone from Pelham contacted the rightful owners and Bo was brought back over the border to Medford. The key a positive ID? A microchip (a reminder to chip your pets if you can; remember, even indoor pets may venture outside during an emergency, or if a door is left open.)

Most curious, however, is that Bo appears to have been well-fed. Just like Vito Spatafore.

But other than that, it remains a mystery. Did Bo take cover in one of New Hampshire’s mysterious, lesser-known tunnels? Did he take refuge in the abandoned firehouse with a basketball court (which you can now purchase)?

Was he scared off by an over-aggressive owl, or an ever-elusive monkey?

Maybe Bo’s the creature that startled Bigfoot out of a New Hampshire forest and into a viral video.

We may never know – or is it known what caused Bo to…flea his home. But a shout-out to Missing Dogs Massachusetts, now welcoming donations to celebrate Bo’s return to Medford.

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