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You know it's coming. Pretty soon, you'll see the first red leaf of the season in your front yard. And then...it's you know what. The "W" word. With the "S" word. No, the other one. SNOW.

That got us wondering if it had ever snowed here in Maine or New Hampshire in August. It must have at some point, right? Maybe in the "days of yore" before this climate change thing really kicked in.

Has It Ever Snowed in Maine or New Hampshire in August?

Shoeprints in snow

Luckily, NO. According to our friends at the National Weather Service, the earliest it has ever snowed in Maine (with some accumulation) is in September. On September 29, 1991, Caribou, Maine, saw some snow.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

What about in New Hampshire? Concord saw its earliest snow ever in October of 1979. Mt Washington usually sees its first snow in September, with about six days of snowfall! It does snow in June on Mt. Washington, but thankfully, the snow takes July and August off.

Both states usually see a wee bit of snow in late November. Enjoy the summer and no complaining about the heat. The "S" Word...isn't too far behind!

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