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I can't even. I still tear up and feel sick to my stomach when I think about these furry, four-legged Pitbull puppies stolen from their owners in Littleton, Massachusetts.  And during an armed robbery in a parking lot!  They don't even have names yet.

If you're a dog person like me, you know that our furry friends can get scared and anxious during intense moments.  It's absolutely heart-wrenching to think of these 8-week-old adorable little guys being grabbed from their owners and tossed into a getaway vehicle, allegedly at gunpoint.

Littleton, Massachusetts Police Department
Littleton, Massachusetts Police Department

Sadly, this armed robbery in Littleton happened a month ago on January 17, 2022.  With one arrest from this horrific event, Littleton Police Chief Matthew Pinard says they were hoping to have the puppies reunited with their owners by now.  These cuties were stolen during a potential sale where they where hoping to find a loving, forever home.

Littleton, Massachusetts Police Department
Littleton, Massachusetts Police Department

But with no leads in this ongoing investigation, Chief Pinard reached out, saying he needs our help. With Littleton just 30 minutes from the New Hampshire state line, the Chief says these much-loved pups could really be anywhere, including here in New Hampshire or even Maine.

We would love to reunite these puppies with their rightful owner, and ask anyone who has seen them to please reach out to us.  If you have any information, please call the Littleton Police Department at 978-540-2300.

Chief Pinard adds that the armed robbery took place in the parking lot of the O'Neil Cinemas on Constitution in Littleton, and the owners were meeting up with potential buyers.

A 23-year-old man from Revere, Massachusetts is behind bars right now for the armed robbery and facing other charges as well.

Again, that Littleton Police Department number is 978-540-2300.

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