People can now watch and listen to one of lecturer Paul Timmerman's Civil War presentations as part of Dover400's virtual lecture series.

Timmerman, president of the board of directors for Woodman Museum, spoke last week about the historic wartime recruitment efforts between 1861 and 1865.

Over 10 percent of the men in Dover - 465 people - were recruited to fight and Timmerman said the soldiers were paid using a system where they could earn bonuses.

"An interesting thing about service in the Civil War is it could be lucrative in the bonuses you got," Timmerman said.

Timmerman focused on 11th NH Regiment, Company K, and its 65 brave men during the presentation.

There were, in total, 111 casualties from Dover during the Civil War and the names of those soldiers are memorialized on the G.A.R. monument at Pine Hill Cemetery. That monument was erected in 1877.

Cathy Beaudoin, who introduced Timmerman for the Dover400 virtual lecture series, said they are halfway through the series where they are focusing on the 398 years of the city's history as residents anxiously await the 400th anniversary of the community's founding in 2023.

People can watch and listen to the entire Dover400 series here.

The next free webinar is on Dover's waterfront as a 19th-century shipping port. It will be presented by George Maglaras and pre-registration is required.

Maglaras is the owner of George's Marina on Concheco Street.

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