In “Eleanor Rigby” (you know, an actual Beatles song – not the AI hocus pocus headed your way this fall), John, Paul, and George sing about a poor old woman who dies with no love ones to attend her funeral. It is the ultimate cautionary tale, subtly warning about the dangers of dying alone and, presumably, unloved.

But what about when that happens through no fault of your own? If you’re a good person who did good things, but simply outlived those who would have paid their respects as you had already done for them?

It was that thinking that led hundreds of motorcyclists in Weymouth, Massachusetts, to accompany a local veteran as he took his last ride. According to CBS Boston, Anthony Meizis was a Lance corporal in the Vietnam War. With no living relatives or loved ones able to attend, a group of American Legion Riders jumped into action.

It began when the McDonald Keohane Funeral Home used social media to spread the word inviting strangers to pay their respects to Meizis, and soon after, hundreds of motorcyclists accompanied Meizis to the Massachusetts National Ceremony in Bourne.

As one attendee told WHDH:

“I was touched by the story because nobody should be buried alone – we should have support for everybody. He fought for our country and we need to be there for everybody, every veteran.”

In addition to the funeral procession, dozens of residents lined the streets to salute and pay their respects, as no good soldier (or person of any kind, for that matter) should be laid to rest alone.

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