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If you name the newest addition to York's animal family, you get a 4 pack of tickets!

This young juvenile female tiger has just arrived at York's Wild Kingdom! She came to the privately owned zoo and amusement park located in York Beach Maine recently! You can see her starting Saturday, May 27 when the park opens for the season. York's has been around since 1980. Spend all day looking and learning about all sorts of animals. Maybe you need to meet the newest member of York's family before you try to name her.

York's Wild Kingdom
York's Wild Kingdom

But over 1,000 people just needed a picture to come up with some great ideas. Some people were thoughtful, silly, and playful but all agree - this tiger is a beautiful animal and deserves a fitting name. Here are a handful of the most popular and silliest names.

  • Lily - several people voted for Lily as in Tiger Lily
  • Ariel  - in Hebrew it means 'lion of God. And the Little Mermaid movie is opening
  • Carol Baskin - yes, as in Tiger King Carol Baskin
  • Lupin - Because she came to Maine while the lupins were blooming
  • Tilly - meaning 'mighty in battle' - a variant of Tilda and short for Matilda
  • Pickles - Heather saw all these gorgeous thoughtful names, but when she looked at this tiger, she sees a Pickles
  • Sundae - because she has the color of a sundae
  • Moxie - Maine AND is the colors of a Moxie can
  • Dudette - yes, this was suggested by a 4-year-old
  • Mrs. Whiskers
  • Sassy - several people thought she looked sassy
York's Wild Kingdom
York's Wild Kingdom

That tongue does make her look sassy or silly. Many kids want the name to be either Sparkles or Sprinkles. So adorable.

  • Shakira - suggested by many people
  • Milkshake - because she will bring people to the yard
  • Luna - this was a very popular choice

You can't have a naming contest without the silly pun names (which I personally love) Here are some of my favorites.

  • The Great Catsby
  • Clawdia - surprisingly very popular!
  • Cat Benatar

What will the new tiger's name be? It's up to you! It could score you a 4 pack of tickets to the zoo!

I noticed no one suggested Cutie Patootie.

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