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We've all had that discussion about what our last meal would be. The latest polling says that ice cream, steak, pizza, lobster, hamburger, and spaghetti are top answers by the way. But what about your last song? What would be the last song you would want to hear? We asked Mainers on Facebook for their response, and we got hundreds of them.

What Is The Last Song You Want To Hear?

The song choices were all over the place, from heartfelt to sarcastic, and rebellious to religious. We had commercial jingles and TV themes, as well as symphonies, and really LONG songs (to delay the inevitable). Many people choose songs that were about the fact that this would be their last song.

Here are 60 songs chosen by Mainers as the last song they would ever want to hear. The NUMBER ONE choice is at the bottom.

Bridget Cailler In My Life  


Jim Nixon- Living On A Prayer


Mary Doherty-If I Could Turn Back Time



Hallie Avery-Anything my husband wants to sing



Diane Michalski-The Other Side


Nevets Boisvert-Nights in White Satin not by Moody Blues, but by Deodato....a great instrumental version


Holly Spitznas-Pink Floyd - Learning to Fly


Kim Dyer-Sunshine On My Shoulders-John Denver


Kathy Zinavage-Goodbye Cruel World Pink Floyd.


David Abisalih-45-minute “Playing in the Band” Grateful Dead jam


Tim Lachapelle-Hootie and the Blowfish, Hold my Hand


Sandra Nagle-The Dance by Garth Brooks


Di Schwartz Ashcroft-Hair of the Dog



Jim Triquet-Another One Bites the Dust


Louine Young-How Beautiful Heaven Must Be


David P. Morneault-Just Remember I Love You 



Curtis Mills-Baby Shark, so I’ll be thankful for the end


Dana M Ayers-Voodoo Child ... And if I don't meet you no more in this world -Then I'll, I'll meet you in the next one. And don't be late,



Karen Cesare- Stairway to Heaven


Anne Laflamme-Carry On Wayward Son!


Rita Bean-Let It Be, by The Beatles


Everett Bickford-Live version of "Knockin on Heavens Door" by Guns N Roses recorded at the Ritz in 1988. This is the greatest version of this song by anyone period.


Jim Good-Amazing Grace & Freebird


Barbara Gately-“And When I Die” performed by Blood, Sweat, and Tears


Lyle Bedell-The Living Years


Mary Jane Lavoie-1812 Overture


Cindy Schiche-Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum


Pete Baltos-The extended version of In A Gadda Da Vida…



Tanya Pennington-Into the Mystic


Lynn Goodwin-Wescott-Last Song by Edward Bear


William Treadwell-Unchained Melody


Shannon Harvey-Roll Me Up - Willie Nelson & Snoop Dogg


Jeff Myers-Rush "2112". Because it's 21 minutes long


Jeremy Jordan-Break on Through to the other side by the Doors of course!


Love Fitch-Mama I’m Coming Home


Norma Michaud-My Way


Denise Labelle Bourgault-Dream On


Marty Nichols-Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Eric Mccullough-Fade to Black from Metallica


Alex Lins-I Fought the Law 


Lori Boudrow Rouleau-The Famous Final Scene...Bob Seger


Christine Knutson-Ward-George Strait's Cross My Heart


Miles Gervais-Show Must Go On


Marc Bech-1,000,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall


Michael J. Taylor-Beavis and Butthead theme song


Vicki Taylor-American Pie


Chuck Grindle-Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding- Elton John


Ann Marie Olds-She Talks to Angels


Gary Snow-End of the Line


Mark Worster-The End - The Doors



Kurt Stetzer-Bruce Cockburn “Last Night of the World”


Shannon Steinmetz-God on the Mountain by Jason Crabb


Jimmy Flores-Woomp There it Is!


Denise Bryer-Alice's Restaurant



Samuel Grant Whitman Green Mountain Furniture ...it’s more than meets the eye jingle!


Jody Proctor Williams-Bruce Springsteen “Jungleland”


Terry Oelmann-What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong


Candi Barrett-Bad Moon Rising. My Dad's song. Lost him in 05 and can't wait to see him again and I hope I do 💔


Kevin Beane AND HUNDREDS OF OTHER MAINERS...The Song That Doesn't End


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