Would you have ever thought that we Granite Staters would go through back to back  summers without The Stratham Fair? Here are 5 reasons I can't wait for it's return in July of 2022.

Here's 5 Reasons Granite Staters Dearly Miss The Stratham Fair

After the July 4th festivities subside, the first thing I look forward to is heading to Route 33 during that magical four day stretch and enjoying what is essentially the 'New Years Day' of the New Hampshire Fair season.

Even though I placed the Stratham Volunteer Fire Department food booth second on this list, they're the first thing I think of.

When my Mom was a competitor in Lumberjack competitions, that booth was (and still is) our family's go to for lunch. If my memory serves, the first meal I ever had there was a barbecue chicken plate. In subsequent years I've had amazing chicken finger plates and a steak tip sub that was exquisite.

The variety is just as jaw dropping as the quality too. I stepped a little outside my comfort zone one year and got their fajita combo. I was bragging about it to everyone I knew for, well, 14 years?

Thankfully, I did not eat BEFORE I took that fateful ride in 2017, that may have been a disastrous decision.

The good news is that starting next week, we'll all be less than a year away from the start of the much anticipated 53rd Annual Stratham Fair!

I've missed it so much that I might even climb back aboard that Pirate Ship!*

*A-Train will not ride The Pirate Ship under any circumstances

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