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Stephen King has obviously made a name for himself as a master writer of the horror genre. It's hard not to be able to name at least one of his works, if not more.

And he's also had so many of his books transformed into movies or shows like the recent "It" film.

But did you know that Stephen King also has "actor" on his resume?

That's right, he's popped up a few times in various small roles and you may have never realized it was him at all.

Most of his appearance are essentially small cameos, sort of like Stan Lee popping up in the Marvel movies, but they are usually less blatantly obvious.

You can spot him as a diner patron on "Mr. Mercedes" and "Under the Dome," as Johnny B. Goode on "Kingdom Hospital" or even Teddy Weizak on "The Stand."

Ultimately, most of his roles occur on projects based on his written works, but there's one show from 2010 King was on that wasn't an adaptation of one of his books.

King appeared as a character named Bachman on FX's "Sons of Anarchy." The cameo took place on the show's third episode of the third season.

According to the Guardian, he took the role when the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, reached out to him and told him he could ride a Harley-Davidson in a scene if he wanted to be on an episode. So King took it.

Check out the clip of his appearance here.

Perhaps we'll see King again in something in the future?

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