As far as signs expressing negative feelings about Boston go, this one’s actually pretty tame. But still, what’s it doing in Boston?

People walking in the city’s North End neighborhood were likely caught off guard when they looked up and saw a billboard that reads “I HATE BOSTON.” However, it’s actually a promotion for recording artist Reneé Rapp’s new album, which features a song called “I Hate Boston.”

So…still pretty stupid to put that kind of sign in Boston, right? Well, the 23-year-old singer and actress told CBS 4 Boston the song isn’t about Boston, but instead, an ex from Boston, saying:

“Dear Boston, your accents though harsh, are always memorable, unlike any performance from your beloved Celtics, and don’t get me started on your Red Sox. Yes, I had my heart broken by one of your own, but I know I can’t place that blame on you. Dear Boston, I’m sorry for the slander, I love you forever, but I do hate that man.”

Yeesh. Rough week for Robert Kraft (kidding! I think…).

In addition to her new album, Rapp also appears in the upcoming Mean Girls: The Musical movie. She also starred in The Sex Lives of College Girls on HBO.

And wouldn’t you know, Rapp also has a social media presence in case you’d like to follow along and see what city she uses for her next cheap pop. But speaking of cheap pops, if it’s a nice new sign you seek, take a drive up north in New Hampshire to this beloved roadside attraction.

Or, take a ride through Route 1 in Seabrook, New Hampshire, to see the greatest sign of them all.

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