According to this WMUR-TV report, last weekend a man jumped into a Dover NH pond to save a 4 year old boy and through all the commotion, the boy's mother never got a chance to know his name. Thanks to social media, the search only lasted 3 days.

In reading Mandy Vacca's original post from October 10th, while she and her 4 year old son Owen were visiting Tendercrop Farm, Owen sprinted towards the algae covered pond, thinking that it was a green trampoline.

In just a split second he was underwater.

Just a few seconds later, David Peterson who was there with his family, jumped in and rescued Owen.

I can easily understand how the shock of this whole episode could result in quickly fleeing back to your car to find a towel and then you go home as quickly as possible to calm your upset child.

After she had returned home Mandy realized that she didn't get the name of the man who saved her son. She turned to social media and in less than three days, a friend she used to work with identified David.

One of my earliest memories when I was that age, I was knocked off a dock by some running kids and into the lake I went. Thankfully, my Uncle Neil quickly reached in and plucked me out like Superman, 43 years have gone by and I'm still grateful.

With all the negative stories we are bombarded with and the hideous trolls that inhabit social media, it's nice see a story like this that reaffirms your beliefs that there are a lot of great people in this world.

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