Dogs are the best. I mean, who doesn't love dogs?

They are the best pets in the world and no, I am not here to debate that.

I am writing to share a hilarious clip of a New Hampshire newscast from WMUR, recorded five years ago.

Why now? Well, you know the videos, pictures, and stories that resurface years after they become viral? This is one of those stories.

While meteorologist Josh Judge of WMUR was giving his forecast, a very cute dog waddled his or her way onto the screen.

There are two really funny aspects of this clip.

One: the weather map is displayed on a green screen. So when the doggo walks by, it kind of blurs the green screen where he walks by.

Two: it is not even the meteorologist's dog.

So whose dog is it? And WHY did no one stop the dog? I cannot imagine a dog walking around a television set and someone not grabbing the good boy or girl.

There are producers, anchors, and many people around a set, so how did nobody notice the dog walking around?

The clip is below:

"So the system pulling away right now, and the sunshine increasing...and there is a dog behind me," says meteorologist Josh Judge while delivering the weather.

"It's not the dog days of summer just yet," Judge somehow gets out by the skin of his teeth.

Honestly, I am impressed he was able to pull off a quick joke.

An old clip, yes, but it still gives me a good chuckle and a big smile!

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