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Right in the heart of Central Maine is a gem of a property that's on the market. The property can be found in the town of Lisbon, a hamlet about 20 minutes outside of the Lewiston-Auburn community. It's not your average listing. It won't be your average home. Heck, it may not even become a home. In fact, it could be a home, business, or even a worship center. It's versatile, to say the least.

Located at 8 Oak Street, this Lisbon home for sale is actually a very historic building. In fact, it had been home to the Freemasons for years.

Originally built in 1864, the building was then purchased by the Freemasons in the late 1920s. After some renovations, the building became their lodge.

This unique property is well over 7,000 square feet. It is rated for eight bedrooms and features an industrial-sized kitchen, hardwood floors, numerous common rooms, office space, great hall, second floor half bathrooms, and incredible detail.

Much of that amazing detail can be found in the great hall. This space is massive. There is so much the buyer could do with the great hall. I keep imagining the world's greatest game room. Perhaps even a bowling lane or two. I could see a large bar, plenty of television for entertaining. Or the buyer could just put in a movie theater.

Whatever the new buyer does, hopefully they don't mess with the unique architecture of the room. It would be a shame to lose all of that charm and history.

The asking price is $392,500. It's listed by Bryce Hamilton from Coldwell Banker. Find more info here. You can see more images below.

Former Lisbon, Maine, Freemason Lodge for Sale

There's a wealth of history in a property for sale in Lisbon, Maine. This former lodge for the Free Masons has a wealth of versatility. This historic building will make a mighty fine apartment complex, business suite, or one of the more unique single-family homes in the state.

The asking price is $392,500. It's listed by Bryce Hamilton from Coldwell Banker. Find more info here.

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