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Author Stephen King is one of Maine's most famous celebrities. Sure you've got your Patrick Dempsey and your Anna Kendrick, but Stephen King lives here and it wouldn't be impossible for you to spot him at high school basketball playoffs or anywhere in Maine for that matter.

He's made a lot of money with his best selling novels and movie adaptations, and deservedly so. But have you ever wondered how long it takes him to make what you make you make in year? Now you can find out.

Wordery.com has gathered the stats on how much celebrities make per year, month, day, hour and even per minute. Using those stats, they do the math for you by just entering how much you make in a year on their website. Let's run an example shall we?

According to Wordery.com, Stephen King made $15M in 2017. Here's how that breaks down:

Per year: $15,000,000
Per month: $1,250,000
Per day: $41,096
Per hour: $1,712
Per minute: $29

Now, according to the Brueau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly pay in Maine is $45,300. Stephen King would make that in 1 day, 2 hours, 27 minutes. Sweet!

Another author though has him beat by a long shot. J.K. Rowling would make Maine's average yearly wage in just 4 hours 10 minutes.

If you want to plug in your own yearly wage and see how long it would take Stephen King to make that, hit the button below. Just make sure you click the dollar sign ($) not the British pound sign (£).

In the time I took to write this article, if I were Stephen King, I would have made $928.

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