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Jax, a former American Idol, has struck a chord across the country and poked a huge multi-billion dollar company.

If you don't know, American Idol alum Jax is going viral for a song she released a couple of months ago called, 'Victoria's Secret'. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter wrote it for a girl she was babysitting who was having body image issues. She also had those. A lot of us have had those. The song basically says that Victoria's Secret is that she's a dude from Ohio making money, 'off girls like me'. She performed the song in a Flashmob outside a Victoria's Secret store.

Well, that video alone has millions of views and thousands of comments. This song, about a 'dude' making money off of making girls feel bad about their bodies is going viral for a reason...we relate!

Well, that caught the attention of the CEO of Victoria's Secret who posted a letter on their Instagram account.

Imagine getting the attention of the CEO of a huge company. How huge? Here's Google's answer:

The Company reported net sales of $6.785 billion for the full year 2021, an increase of 25% compared to net sales of $5.413 billion for 2020.

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In Victoria's Secret Instagram post, the CEO Amy Hauk wrote,

I want to thank Jax for addressing important issues in her lyrics. We make no excuses for the past. And we're committed to regaining your trust. I believe that to create trust, you need to get comfortable being vulnerable. Admitting you were wrong, shaking your struggles, it's first step to true meaningful connection.

Jax never thought she would get this type of attention and does not want to be the voice speaking for a generation of girls and women dealing with body issues. And she's not going to be the face of a 'we're changing' ad campaign.

She's right that it doesn't take an influencer, but a village. But it sure is nice to have an influencer get the attention so that the village can take over.

If you or someone you know has body image issues and is dealing with eating disorders of any type, please know that New England has many resources for you. Please let people help you. Sweetser has an incredible program called the New England Eating Disorders (NEED).

Thanks, Jax, you may not be the voice of an entire generation, but you sure did kick start the conversation.

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