A number of restaurants have been able to hang in there with pandemic restrictions thanks to outdoor dining. As the weather starts to cool, many restaurants will be struggling.  According to their Facebook page, The Galley Hatch in Hampton will be offering outdoor dining in igloos. These large plastic bubbles can seat one family at a time. The igloos are clear, see-through and even have windows so you can open them for some extra ventilation. The igloosare outfitted with heaters and lighting to make for a unique dining experience.

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The owners of The Galley Hatch have received many questions about the safety of the igloos.  Owner Jillian Mansfield tells WMUR that “all of the walls, interior, they’re sprayed down; they’re wiped down. The chairs, the tables, tablecloths are replaced. We have blankets in there for people to keep warm: Those are washed in between parties as well.” 

According to Facebook, igloo dining is available each night and reservations must be made by phone.

“The restaurant industry is having to adapt to a lot of changes this year," the business wrote on Facebook. "And some restaurants are finding creative ways to continue to offer outdoor dining as it gets colder.”

If this sounds like a lot of precautions, you would be correct. It’s a lot of work, which is why dining in one of the igloos requires a reservation and costs $200 to dine. It sounds like a lot of money, but for some families that want to celebrate something special like an anniversary, a wedding, a birthday, it is worth it to make the celebration special.

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