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David Pastrnak, right wing for the Boston Bruins, has quickly become one of, if not the most liked, New England sports players.

He was quickly given the nickname "Pasta" for his last name, but also the "sauce" he has on the ice.

In layman's terms, he is really good at hockey and deserves a nickname for it. That, and his last name is foreign, so in typical US fashion...we nicknamed him.

The guy is a human highlight reel, and we're so lucky to watch him play and score. Below are some of Pasta's best goals, celebrations, and moments in the NHL.

This is hands down my favorite Pasta clip. After winning the winter classic in 2021, the team was celebrating the win with a dance party to the song "Barbie Girl." When Pasta was asked to leave the locker room for media questions, he was not thrilled.

In this clip, Pasta takes it across the goal line from the blue line. He goes forehand to back hand and through his legs before reaching to the far side of the net and potting this beauty against the Washington Capitals.

Here, a rolling puck on a breakaway leads Pasta to fire off a rocket of a slapshot. The gorgeous goal allowed him to ask the TD Garden for some love with his simple celebration.

Three games into the 2022/2023 regular season, Davis Pastrnak went through two defenders, through his legs, takes a trip....and scores. This goal, shown in the below video, helped lift the Bruins over the Florida Panthers.

In the second round of the 2019 NHL playoffs, the Bruins and Blue Jackets were tied 3-3 with less than 1:30 left to play. Pasta ends up scoring in the bottom right corner. The goal was nice, and the celly way better.

Tied 3-3 with 16 seconds left in the game, Pasta does what Pasta does best.

Here's another great goal, but the celebration is what gets me going. Pasta rifles off a one-timer in his favorite spot, and then cups his ear as if to ask the Garden, "Do you want more? Do you like that? Let me hear some freaking noise!"

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