Forget light displays, this New Hampshire house puts on an incredible light show.

A home in Bedford has been regularly putting on light shows for years (including some during Halloween!), and once again, the family is bringing the holiday cheer.

Located at 6 Barr Farm Road, NHLightShow, as the production is called, was originally put together for the family's children but has since then become a massive holiday celebration for all involved, according to their website.

Their Facebook page highlights that the show is custom programmed and even includes a 70-foot wide video house projection. That's right, there's a massive video projection that shows holiday clips, and it spreads across the entire house.

It looks like part of the display this year even includes "The Mandalorian." So Star Wars fans will get a fun treat mixed in with all the Christmas merriment that the show has to offer.

You can see from the video below the light show and projection from 2020. Some of the clips played included Charlie Brown, Minions and Frozen.

Seriously, how awesome is it to make your whole house a Christmas experience?

NHLightShow states that they are running from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through December 29. So you've still got a little time to go check it out.

Just make sure not to block any driveways or double-park when you arrive.

What another great way to spread some local holiday cheer. Go check out the light show!


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