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Maine author Stephen King recently asked a basic question: "Is it possible to use a bar of soap completely? Until it like, disappears?" He took to Twitter to ask and have others discuss if they believe this is actually possible. Within hours, King's tweet went viral and had thousands of comments and likes.

As the comment section blew up with responses, it was apparent that not all Twitter users agreed. While some said it is virtually impossible to use the whole bar, others amusingly suggested that you can by sticking an old bar of soap onto a new bar.

Looking to clean more than just your body? Well, one Twitter user seems to have an answer on how you can use that little soap left to clean another part of your bathroom. The user responded to King's post with "My mom was from old school. Nothing wasted. Those last pieces of soap were dropped in toilet as a cleaner." I mean using the soap as a toilet cleaner doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Another Twitter user found another way to use the soap on your body, and it's not what you may think. They wrote, "I use a large ceramic coffee mug, use bar until too small to hold, drop in mug, add a splash of water, work into lather with old-fashioned Barber's brush and shave with the lather, have never purchased shaving cream, keep adding to mug as needed. all bars completely utilized!" I mean this saves you money in the long run, and think about it, if you are a woman you could probably use it to shave your legs.
Below are some more true and amusing responses to King's post:

I could not agree with this comment more "No, and the same applies to chapstick. [...] It breaks or you lose it." I cannot tell you the number of times that I've lost or broken a chapstick, it happens so often and a small piece of soap is just as easy to lose as it slips out of your hand when you try to use it.

This response was said by many Twitter users, "stack it on top of a new one. They stick together and, eventually, each bar disappears." Granted users may not have used the same exact words, many of them said this was the correct way to use the entire bar of soap.

Just like turning the soap into shaving cream or putting it down the toilet, some people think that there are other ways to reuse the soap. But one user shared what their grandmother used to do. She would save the little pieces and then melt them to create new bars of soap.

Of course, there is another easy solution to a small piece of soap...just get it in liquid form and not a bar or soap.

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