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I recently wrote about the old Newington Mall, which sadly shut down before I was old enough to remember as much about it as I would have liked. It led to a follow-up wherein readers shared their own memories of the mall – but it also led to me calling the Fox Run Mall “once great” and “shrinking.”

And as luck would have it, the Mall happened to read it.

Turns out, the Fox Run Mall is still chugging along and even evolving. For instance, The Mall at Fox Run is now dog-friendly.

According to the Mall’s website, customers who are 18 years or older can bring their dogs as long as the pets remain leashed and supervised at all times.

And for when your dog has to…you know…go? Fox Run now has three Doggy Stations to take care of that, too.

But for many of us, bringing a dog along to the mall is a new experience.

So here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts for Bringing Your Dog to the Mall:

Do: Take note of where you parked your car.
Don’t: Tell your dog, “Ah, you’ll remember it.”

Do: Ask “What breed are those?” to others with dogs on leashes.
Don’t: Ask “What breed are those?” to others with toddlers on leashes.

Do: Ask your dog to wait patiently while you shop at Foot Locker.
Don’t: Forget to return the favor while your dog shops at Paw Locker.

Do: Take your dog to Forever 21.
Don’t: Correct him when he calls it “Forever 3.” #MathJoke

Do: Get your dog a snack from the food court.
Don’t: Be shocked when your dog sniffs its Arby’s sandwich and says, “Grandpa??”

Do: Get your dog’s picture taken with Santa.
Don’t: Be surprised when behind your dog is a “lump of coal.”

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