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Before moving to our house, I did a MASSIVE purge. It was cleansing, quite frankly.  Moving is a great excuse to channel your inner Marie Kondo and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. You don't want to waste space in your precious moving truck with things you haven't used in a decade.

Throughout this process, I came across many electronics that I honestly forgot I had. This raised a lot of questions. One being: "Kira, why are you saving your iPod Mini from 2004?" (they were pretty cute, though), and secondly, "Is it even legal to throw this iPod away in the regular trash?"

Many household products such as cleaners, pesticides, and electronic devices make our lives so much easier! But unfortunately, we as consumers aren't always aware of the toxic nature of these products, nor do we fully consider the possible environmental effects that can happen if you throw them away in the regular trash. For many items, it's actually illegal!

But once you find out a certain item is illegal to dispose of in the regular trash, this begs the question "what is the proper way to dispose of said item?" It gets so confusing, and many times the laws differ depending on what state you live in. I thought it might be nice to clear the air and highlight the five items you definitely shouldn't be throwing in the regular trash (and the proper ways to dispose of these items) if you live in the Granite State.


It's Illegal to Throw These 5 Items in the Regular Trash in New Hampshire

Before just tossing something into your regular trash it is good to know what items are illegal to throw away in your state. It could be harmful to the environment and/or get you in trouble! Here are five items you might not realize are illegal to dispose of in the regular trash in New Hampshire.

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