Summer's here, baby!

It's time to stop calorie counting and start using "oh, it's summer" as an excuse to eat eight hot dogs a week and drink ice-cold beers daily.

It's summer. It's all good. No judgment.

But summer coming also means it's time to choose your loyalty. And your loyalty will be judged. Heavily.

Are you team Tripoli's or team Cristy's?

This is a simple question for some. For others, it's a bloodbath.

If you have no idea what the heck that means, or what I am talking about, you have homework.

Step One: Head to Tripoli's Pizza at 23 Broadway in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Have a slice.

Step Two: Walk five steps to the left and go to Cristy's Pizza at #B, 11 Broadway in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Have a slice.

Eat. Enjoy. Compare. Debate.

This is a timeless Seacoast debate. See, there are really only two prime places to get beach pizza: Tripoli's and Cristy's. They are rivals because they both produce the same product (kind of).

You can't like both. That's not how it works here. Locals know that.

Tourists will see a longer line at one location and go to the other. However, if you are from the Seacoast, you are loyal to one. And that means you will wait in whatever line it takes to get your favorite.

Option One: Tripli's Pizza. My favorite. The sweeter sauce option.

Most importantly, you always, ALWAYS, get that extra piece of provolone (if you don't, that's your prerogative, and you just must not like cheese).

And don't get it twisted. You cannot get just one slice. You order that box of eight for yourself proudly.

Option Two: Cristy's Pizza. A close second. The one with slightly spicer (not hot but peppery, Italian herb) sauce.

Like Marky's vs Brown's (don't get me started). Which is better? Tripoli's or Cristy's?

You don't have much longer to decide, but you must choose.

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