Summer has begun to beckon, and with it, the pull of outdoor drinking grows stronger, doesn't it? There's something special about enjoying a meal and cocktails with friends on an outdoor patio. But what's even better than patios? Rooftop bars!

I have never enjoyed the ambiance of a rooftop bar. But now that I have a list of places I can go in Maine, I am planning my adventure!

Rooftop bars give you the change to take in all of the awesome views of the city or nature while you sip on drinks and hang out with friends. These places are stylish and look great for photos, like Luna's Rooftop Bar in Portland. And when you're up there, I am sure it feels like you're in a different world, away from all the usual stuff.

Luna's is described as "Portland's Year-Round Rooftop Spot for Stargazers, Dreamers & Beyond", according to their website. Doesn't that automatically draw you in to visit?

The best part about rooftop bars is the escapism. For a few hours, you can simply leave behind the worries of the world below, and jump into the magic of the moment above the city line.

So the next time you're looking for a truly memorable night out, why not elevate your experience and head to the nearest rooftop bar? Check out the list below of five of Maine's rooftop bars in the city of Portland.

1. Alto Terrace Bar + Kitchen

First up is Alto Terrace Bar + Kitchen on 25 Hancock Street in Portland, Maine. The photo says it all. You can experience the charm at this Old Port spot on the 4th floor of the Cambria Hotel.

2. Luna's Rooftop Bar

Luna is a spectacular spot to embrace the rooftop vibe and enjoy yourself. It's located at 9 Center Street in Portland, Maine.

Luna Rooftop Bar sits right on top at the Canopy Portland Waterfront hotel, offering stunning views of Portland's busy waterfront from six floors up. As per their site, your sightline will reach all the way to Casco Bay and beyond!

 3. Top of The East at The Westin

The Top of The East sits on top of the Westin Portland Harborview on 157 High Street in Portland. This is a one-of-a-kind cocktail lounge and bar, and even offers piano bar nights!

4. Bayside Bowl

Bayside Bowl in Portland on 58 Alder Street offers a laid-back and sporty atmosphere. While they're serious about bowling, they're even more serious about providing a great time at their fantastic rooftop bar!

If you're a traveler or just eager to discover more elevated spots in your own state, these rooftop bars are a must-add to your bucket list!

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