You'd think you'd have to travel pretty far to explore caves, but guess what? We have some epic adventures to get to, right here in Maine!

Maine isn't just about its pretty coastlines and mountains. There's a whole other world tucked and nestled in the side of mountains and beneath your feet. I'm talking about caves!

According to A-Z Animals, there are eight wondrous caves located in Maine that you won't want to miss with your adventurous friends!

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You can dive deep into the crevasses of Maine's icy hideouts and mysterious fissures. I have the details on the coolest spots in the state, and some seriously hidden gems.

For example, The Devil's Den in Andover is a hidden spot. Check out the YouTube tour below of this Maine cave! Debsconeag is a cave near Mount Katahdin, also known as the Millinocket Ice Caves. They formed caves formed during the Ice Age, and are filled with ice almost all year. You can explore them by climbing through a deep hole between the rocks!

Let's take a look at the eight caves in Maine that you must explore this summer!

8 Mesmerizing Caves You Must Explore All in Maine

I welcome you to an adventure of exploration. 

Gallery Credit: Lizzy Snyder

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