Located in Durham, New Hampshire, is the University of New Hampshire. This historic campus has been around since 1866, according to UNH. 

According to Research, UNH is noted as one of the safest college towns in the nation with a population of 16,813.

Renowned for its tranquil ambiance, Durham is recognized among the safest. With an extremely low violent crime rate of 0.7, it has ranked among the finest not only in the state, but also America.

According to USNews, the University of New Hampshire has 11,480 undergraduate students as of fall 2022. The campus spans at a 2,600 acres.

Curious as to how much it costs to go there? The in-state tuition is $19,112 and out-of-state tuition is $38,882, according to USNews. 

Durham residents love the convenience of city life and how serene the rural landscapes are. The town is surrounded by wildlife, marshlands, and sandy beaches, and locals get to enjoy seamless access to modern amenities.

This safe and idyllic setting not only makes Durham a good choice for college students, but also pulls folks in who are considering a relocation from their current spot.

Joining Durham on the roster of states with some of the safest college towns in America are Milton, Massachusetts, Rexburg, Idaho, and Madison, New Jersey, according to the list. 

I took a virtual tour of the campus, and it is absolutely stunning.

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