Were you aware that oysters have been around for over 15 million years? They breathe like fish, and their shells are recyclable, according to CBF. There are so many fascinating facts about oysters, aside from the undeniable truth that they are absolutely delicious.

Diving into your first oyster is like jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day. But finding that perfect oyster in the vast sea of choices can be hard. Fear not, let me be your guide!

In the world of oysters, there's a gem in Portland that Food and Wine couldn't resist featuring in 2022.

This fun spot earned its place among the top 20 oyster bars in the nation, and I'm stoked with excitement to share it once more. Why? Because like many others, I love oysters and seafood in the winter time here in Maine.

The bar is called Eventide Oyster Co, located at 86 Middle Street. This place is iconic. Not just because they have the worlds best oysters, but because of the ambience and service. They are nestled right in the heart of the Old Port.

The article covered the restaurant as offering the 2nd best oysters in the United States.

According to the co-owner of Eventide, Arlin Smith,

"The Winter Points are about an inch and a half in size and have a very clean, bright, and briny taste."

Hennessey supplies the seven to 10 year-old oysters, and Chef Andrew Taylor turns these oysters into incredible meals by roasting them in Korean-style barbeque sauce. Raise your hand if you mouth is watering.

I'm halfway to the door, gearing up to snag a plate of the delicious oysters at Eventide Oyster Co.

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