Dear Readers, Lady Whistledown has arrived in Maine!

If you are like me and are completely and utterly obsessed with the Bridgerton series on Netflix, this event is for you.

Imagine stepping into the glorious world of Bridgerton for a night as a high society guest. I can hear the violins covering Ariana Grande now!

This event is called "The Bridgerton Experience: Queen Regency Era Ball", and will take place on August 31 at the Governor Hill Mansion in Augusta, Maine.

Take a peak at the invitation. It's dripping with Bridgerton elegance!

This ball promises a magical evening filled with elegance, music, and dancing. For superfans like me, I am sure this is going to transport guests back to the Regency era.

You can don your finest period attire and revel in the celebration. The Governor Hill Mansion is the perfect setting for a ball like this!

This is going to be opulent as hell, and you can twirl around and mingle as if you were part of high society. It's a unique opportunity to live out a fairytale dream, complete with the sophistication and charm that fans of the series can't get enough of.

I have a feeling that this ball is going to sell out fast. Make sure to buy your tickets soon!

The event will take place from 4-9pm, and admission is $15.00 per person, as per the event page. 

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