As the good people of Winslow, Maine, drove down the familiar streets, they were greeted by the usual sights: the houses, businesses, people walking their dogs, and a bit of construction. Within this construction sight lies a digital sign, normally featuring the dates and times of the construction.

However, on this particular day, something seemed a bit off. Instead of the usual warning about roadworks ahead, dates, or a simply reminder to drive safely, the sign proclaimed three words you wouldn't normally see on a digital construction site sign.

They are vulgar but also funny.

Obviously this was a joke, and it just so happens to be April Fools Day.

The image has been circling Facebook nonstop all weekend.

Click here to see the image. 

I stumbled upon the image when it popped up on the "What's Up Waterville, Maine" Facebook page. From what I noticed, it was initially shared on a Winslow community Facebook page. As for the sign's actual location, whether it's in Waterville or Winslow, I don't know.

The ease with how this was pulled off is concerning!

Nevertheless, one thing is crystal clear: it's disturbing and hilariously amusing at the same time.

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