Subway restaurants have always been a go-to healthy choice for lunch or dinner. They have continuously satisfied our craving here in the great state of Maine with their various menu options of iconic sandwiches.

We Mainers can't get enough of our Subway foods. I am personally torn between two of their incredible sandwich delights, the turkey bacon and the tuna. Each bite truly is a testament to Subways' culinary magic. Can you tell I am a fan?

Subway is well-known for there foot-long sandwiches, but it looks like they want to elevate their dining experience. A foot-long dessert! Say what?


Oh yes. According to WGME, Subway has planned to introduce a delicious foot-long dessert to their menu all over the nation. So what will this tantalizing treat be you ask?

A foot-long cookie! They announced recently that this will be a 12-inch cookie. They are set to feature this menu item to all Subway menus across the nation. The announcement has been made, and this colossal cookie will be coming to your local Subway.

Apparently they have tried this before, and the feedback they received from customers was overwhelming, pleading with the famous chain to bring the cookie back, according to the article.

It's not only coming back, but will be better than ever.

According to the article, Paul Fabre, Senior Vice President of Culinary and Innovation at Subway, says,

"At Cookieway this year, our guests will get a sneak peek of an even better footlong cookie: thick, gooey, packed with chocolate chips and served warm right out of the oven."

Cookieway is a pop-up Subway spot giving customers limited offers of footlong cookies.

So yes, as of right now, Maine Subways will be getting a delicious 12-inch cookie, and boy is my mouth watering already!

The cookie will be introduce in early 2024.

I definitely think this is going to make waves.

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